April 2015
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Fashion rules not to follow

Fashion Rules Not to Follow

Everyone has heard countless ‘rules’ about fashion:

Don’t wear that color with this color. Don’t wear this shade after this time of day.  And never wear those patterns together.

But this fall, I think it’s time that everyone realizes fashion rules are meant to be broken.

Top 3 Rules to be Broken

1. Don’t wear white [...]

Ode to fourth hour B days

Senior Emily Rackers takes a much needed nap on the keyboard of her laptop. Rackers once slept through the finale at a 4th of July fireworks show. "Simply knowing I can come home to my bed is like hearing little angels sing in my ear all day," Rackers said.

Hands down the greatest part of [...]

Awkward Anonymous: how long is too long to hold the door open for people?

Sometimes, it’s hard not to be a creep.

Maybe it’s your mind going blank while you are making eye contact. Maybe it’s walking up the stairs and not knowing exactly where to put your eyes (once again, keep your eyes on people’s faces or the floors, other areas are not recommended). Maybe it’s waving to someone who’s [...]

Caution: Leggings Ahead

Faux Leather Trimmed Leggings from Forever 21.

One of the most complicated yet simple pieces of clothing a girl can own are leggings. 

You could almost say they’re like yoga pants.

They come in handy when the weather gets a little chilly, and they can really give an outfit that fall layered look.

Just slip them on under a [...]

Kewps face Bruins at Faurot

Junior quarterback Mason Murry searches for a receiver in the game against Helias. Hickman crushed the Crusaders 21-14. "It feels more like we are more of a team this year than last year. We trust and believe in each other," Murry said.

Providence Bowl is tonight, a game we haven’t won since 2008, but this year [...]

Fall into Fashion

The days are getting shorter, the air’s getting chillier, and wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

It’s that special time when you look through your closet, and have difficulty finding something suitable for the colder weather, or you don’t even know if your clothes are in style.

That is why I [...]

Awkwards Anonymous’ First Meeting

I just met everybody and I’m so proud of the response I have received. I do not underestimate the courage it must have taken to press that send button. We are already making progress and bonding as a group, and that is the beginning of our true journey.

K asked a good question in the comments, because [...]

Football Blooper

“Sorry Bro, I didn’t mean to step on [...]

Keep it Simple with the Peter Pan Collar

The Peter Pan collar has become very popular this Fall.  Unlike the usual straight collars, this style has rounded edges and gives a shirt a more feminine look.  The curved collar has been introduced in necklaces, blouses, and dresses.  The Peter Pan collar is normally seen on button down tops made of sheer fabric, and on [...]

An Ode to Jimmy Johns

This week, I’d like to give a special shout out to the Jimmy Johns located over by Rangeline. Thank you so much for having the speediest service around. My sandwich is always ready to be in my belly three minutes after ordering. And with these ridiculously short twenty=two minute lunches, every second counts. It’s the difference [...]