April 2015
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Ode to cafeteria hot chocolate

Since I ranted about awful mornings last week, I’ll try to keep the good vibes flowing with something that doesn’t suck about school mornings: hot chocolate.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the hot chocolate from the cafeteria, but it’s “fyre.” Fyre means really good (I REALLY don’t understand slang). Actually, it’s beyond good- it’s on [...]

Season of UGGs

Yes girls, it’s FINALLY that time.

Sweaters, scarves, leggings, and the most important piece to any teenage girls closet…


Who doesn’t love a good pair of UGGs?

Not only do they make your feet toasty warm in the cold winter months that lay ahead of us, but they also make any outfit look great.

Some people may be critics of [...]

Hickman Grad Reigns Supreme


     2009 Hickman graduate Amy Wilsdorf was crowned Boone County Fair Queen, as well as Miss Congeniality in July.

     This year’s Boone County Fair received interest because of the shocking shooting, while more positive events were over-looked.

     After winning her title Amy had only twelve days to prepare for the Missouri State Fair competition, which fielded [...]

Dear Seniors, We Made It

For the past thirteen years, we have come to school, listened to our teachers, done our homework, and gotten the grades that allowed us to move on to the next grade.

            We have lost, made, and kept friends. We have partied, attended football games and pep [...]

Get to Know Another Kewpie

If you don’t know senior Kyle Critchfield, then you should, and after reading this, you probably will want to. Here are some things that he wants you to know about him that he says are all 100% true:

·         He has [...]


Junior Jake Nichols became the scavenger hunt champion after correctly identifying the agriculture room in the green house and the press box above the turf field.  Nichols won two tickets to see Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer Gregg Allman at the Blue Note on May 25th. 

Today at a Glance

By Dana Murdock

Photo By Skye Ramseyer

Today in George Frissell’s Classical Ideas class, they had guest speakers from the Baha’i faith. The speakers discussed what it meant to be Baha’i. One speaker, a spiritual rapper, rapped for the class at the end of the hour.

Spirit Fingers to Casey Acton and Allison Bader


            This Friday, the Purple and Gold staff awards seniors Casey Acton and Allison Bader spirit fingers for their work with the Prom Closet charity organization. 

            The Prom Closet organization was started in 2007 by Rock Bridge graduate Lauren McDonald [...]

Get to Know a Kewpie

If you do not know sophomore Lauren Sapp, you should. Here are some things that Lauren would like you to know about her:

She is a dedicated fire spinner

She wants to be an OBGYN

This year is her third year doing color guard

She hopes to be a millionaire by the time she is 30

She has a secret obsession with [...]

Newest Hickman Kewpie

Girls P.E., head Softball, and Assistant Basketball coach Courtney Haskell and her husband Computer Technician Nick Haskell’s two-year-old son, Kyle, now has a little brother.

Jacoby Lynn Haskell, who was born last month, made his first appearance at Hickman High School yesterday.

by [...]