April 2015
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Rock Bridge reporter causes student outrage

While classes were dismissed for the election on Tuesday, the twitter-sphere kept busy. All any student, Hickman or Rock Bridge, was talking about was an article that appeared in Bearing News, RBHS’s online publication. The article written by Hagar Gov-Ari analysed the actions of the Rock Bridge students, particularly the BruCrew, during the highly anticipated district [...]

5 Spirit days Hickman students will actually participate in

Let it be known that I’m really not trying to take a shot at any of my fellow students whom are responsible for planning this year’s Spirit week. However, I think it is time that topic of themed dress codes is properly addressed. These days need to be something that everybody are able to, and will [...]

Dear Me: A letter to my 16-year-old self

Inspired by the book Dear Me, which published letters written from Stephen King and  Kathleen Turner, the Purple and Gold  asked teachers if you could send a letter to yourself aged 16, what would you write in it?  The following is written by journalism and art teacher Kim Acopolis.

Doing an off-balance toe touch, journalism and art [...]

The One Movie Every Person Needs to See: The Philadelphia Story

I first saw this film when I was around seven; I was home with the flu, the TV was on TCM. It wasn’t what I wanted to watch, but in my defense, name one black and white film that appeals to seven-year- olds. That being the case, I would have much rather watched whatever was on [...]

Frustration in mail order.

A lot of smaller and less known bands that can’t get their records in larger record stores have taken to offering their records through mail. You can send the price of postage and the price of the record you want to the person in the band or a distro (a place that has many records by [...]

Something To Think About

     So we’ve had our first fight. Not even a full week into school, and already somebody felt a need to hit somebody else.

     Note to the sophomores: expect to see a lot more of that over the next three years.

     Why do people get into fights? Really, there’s no simple, or maybe even right, answer. [...]

Hickman's Holy Grail

            This is my last week as a taxpayer-funded public school student. From this week onwards, I will no longer have to deal with internet blocks, adult supervision, and asking to go to the bathroom. My final blog post for this year is a plea to all the juniors [...]

Lunchroom Reform


If you have been in school the last week and you aren’t blind, then you’ve noticed the new long tables in the middle cafeteria. These tables are the second reformation in the lunch room system here at Hickman; one that both humiliates and degrades a [...]

The Ketchup Konspiracy


           Eating at a diner or restaurant can be an enjoyable experience. You’re there with your friends and family, enjoying your frosty glass of Dr. Pepper, waiting on your medium-well done cheeseburger. As soon as it gets there, the first thing that crosses your mind [...]

Love It or Hate It

Rap: they say you either love it or you hate it.  Frankly, I can’t make myself agree with that.  Some days I love driving around with my windows down, my pathetic bass making my windows rattle, but some days I complain about how rap isn’t even music, it’s just noise.