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Rock Bridge reporter causes student outrage

While classes were dismissed for the election on Tuesday, the twitter-sphere kept busy. All any student, Hickman or Rock Bridge, was talking about was an article that appeared in Bearing News, RBHS’s online publication. The article written by Hagar Gov-Ari analysed the actions of the Rock Bridge students, particularly the BruCrew, during the highly anticipated district football game last Friday.

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It describes the Rock Bridge students harassing junior cheerleader and P&G staff member Sammy Hall,  dismantling our away-team bleachers, and even urinating on the bleachers after Roderick Beasley’s touchdown in the last minute of regulation.

Instead of feeling ashamed of their actions, many Rock Bridge students took the article as a direct insult and voiced their opinions online. One junior tweeted “It’s even more frustrating that it happened because an ignorant reporter grouped all RBHS students together.” OK maybe not everybody took part in the vandalism, but in a crowded fan section at a football game somebody urinating doesn’t go unnoticed. You can’t take the highroad away from the students responsible when you allowed a student to lower his pants and urinate right in front of you. How did somebody not say,  ‘Hey man, I hate Hickman too, but put that thing away…’

In addition to unfair frustration directed towards Gov-Ari, Rock Bridge senior wide-receiver Cullen Parris, who didn’t get a chance from the bench on Friday night took his own cheap-shots at Hall. In a span of three tweets posted by Parris in less than two minutes sarcastically defended the BruCrew’s comments. One tweet said, “Rock Bridge is the only high school in the world with students that would make fun of a girl for being a HUGE whore.” Another said, “Making fun of whores is such an uncommon thing in high school.” And then to round-off Parris hyperactive twitter moment he posted, “Girls should be able to be whores without getting made fun of because teasing trashy people is wrong.” Parris quickly deleted the tweets after Hall took notice, but not before she managed to capture screenshots of them all.

One would think less than a week after Hickman students were publicly reprimanded and criticized for their postings on twitter accounts such as @HickmanRatchets a little bit of posting restraint would be shown.

It’s about time that Rock Bridge show some maturity for the first time this year. It saddens me that this is how the students contributed to an otherwise great atmosphere surrounding Lemone Field on Friday.

On the other hand, I’m proud of the Hickman class of ’13 and the school spirit we’ve shown this year. I guarantee the atmosphere at every one of these monumental wins would be different if our freshman, sophomore, and junior years had experienced great success on the field. My cliche point is: learn from your losses. It gives you something to cheer for. While Hickman was getting hungry these past three years, Rock Bridge got used to winning, and now their students don’t have the maturity to deal with loses.

Kudos to the Rock Bridge football team on a great season, however. I’m sorry that your fan section put your great performance on Friday in such a negative light.

Lastly, quit taking your anger out on an innocent journalist simply reporting your embarrassing actions, BruCrew. If anything have some spirit in the fact that your school has a wonderful newspaper that puts well-written stories like that out. If you really need somebody to put in the cross-hairs, consider this me putting my name out there.

by Cole Brendel

23 comments to Rock Bridge reporter causes student outrage

  • John Smith

    This Cullen Parris kid should be sued for sexual harassment/ cyber bulling. He’s not a good person

  • Tyler Robinson

    It’s a shame even after beating Rock Bridge twice they always try and make everything about them. You can’t be mad at a reporter, reporting. It’s not even like she lied, she just told what happened.
    But at the end of the day, we play Friday, they don’t.

  • Sam Keller

    Tyler don’t get on your high horse… You tweeted different variations of “Keller is fat” the entire game

  • Danny

    Everyone as at fault for something, big or small. Can we not put this behind us already?

    But props Cole for putting yourself out there. Nice article.

  • Tyler Robinson

    You misunderstood, I meant “Keller is phat”.

  • Alex Ritter

    Ay John Smith Stop Talkin About Cullen Hes Not Sexually Harrasing Anybody You Wasnt Even In The Convo So How Would You Know What Cullen Did

  • Alex Ritter

    Keller Is Not Fat Either

  • Katie

    Its really something that you can stand up for another member of your staff. I’d really like if both Hickman and Rock Bridge would put the events behind them and leave both Sammy and Hagar alone. Im sure both of them don’t want that sort of attention and that its hurtful.

    As a Hickman student, I’m incredibly proud for our football team this year just like I was proud of Rock Bridge’s success in the past years because it was still a win for Columbia Public Schools.

    Anyway, as cliche as it sounds, let’s keep the peace, right?

  • Raigan Mastain

    I think the big message here is that Columbia teenagers need to learn how to use social media responsibilibly. Rregardless of any issues surrounding a circumstance, it’s never appropriate to attack somebody due to your own insecurity. Especially when you choose to do so from behind a computer screen, like a coward.

    At the end of the day, Hickman won, and Rock Bridge has shown their true colors in the past week. Poor sportsmanship and being a whole bunch of sore losers isn’t really anything to be proud of. Coming from a school who claims to be so “classy”, this kind of behavior is laughable. Maybe Rock Bridge should take a moment to look in the mirror prior to posting anymore ignorant tweets or blog comments.

  • Laura

    I think it’s funny how RB prides themselves by claiming they’re so “classy” and yet when someone publishes the TRUTH, as in real actual facts, the reporter is attacked. THE ONLY THING TRASHIER THAN NOT SHOWING GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IS MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE POOR SPORTSMANSHIP!

  • Kool

    I will be the first to admit Rock Bridge displayed bad sportsmanship. But jumping on the Bru Crew for attacking one person is hypocritical. Need I remind you of the “wide left” and “in Barbee we trust” signs that the Hickman fan section so proudly displayed? Not to mention the numerous “wide left” chants throughout the game. Attacking a kid and constantly reminding him of possibly the worst and most stressful moment of his life isn’t exactly the superior display of class Hickman claims to have put on. We’re all guilty of childish insults and poor sportsmanship. Whether this is a good thing or not, it’s just part of the sporting environment and gets blown out of proportion.

  • Tyler Robinson

    If we urinated on their bleachers they would be pretty angry too.

  • Danni

    I find it sad that people are still going on about this and trashing poor Hagar. Both schools’ fan crews made their mistakes. The game was a big deal, I get it, but the students need to get off their high horses and realize that they are at fault for what happened. Props to Hagar for showing what Rock Bridge needed to see and props to Cole for sticking up for Hagar and Sammy. I, though not an attendee to the game, am truely appalled by the actions of Rock Bridge. I apologize to all those affected by the harsh actions of my school

  • Bruce

    I am a RB student. First, I would like to say I apologize for the actions of my fellow classmates, let me assure they are not representative of our school. However, when Hagar wrote her editorial, she articulately stated her point in a well-written editorial, without discrediting anyone. Here, you call out students by name. While the actions of the RB students was irreproachable, many of the responses HHS have been less than exemplary. Your article is really well written, but I feel it doesn’t follow up with the ethical guidelines often forgotten in journalism. I understand Purple and Gold news is much newer than Bearing News and it’s a little harder to keep track of this- but our newspaper made sure refute the actions of the few RB students by protecting identities of both Hickman and Rock Bridge students. Maybe you guys have a different policy than RBHS, and if that’s the case, my apologies

  • A Hickman student

    Everyone who commented on this and said it was a good article is an idiot. This is obviously biased, which mean in the journalism world, it is complete trash. You can’t write and article that’s opinionated and expect people (who have intelligence) to have any sort of respect for it. Good thing you have people like Tyler Robison, who doesn’t know the difference between a brick and a sandwich reading this, or else you would have all negative comments.

  • RB Student

    How dare you call out students like that. This is an extremely biased paper and therefore a waste of time to read. So glad you Hickman kids are so perfect! Not like you made hurtful signs or anything. And you’re chants were very school appropriate, especially the Keller ones. Well done Kewps!!!!

  • Darius Rucker

    Go kewps, great editorial

  • HHS Student

    It is sad to see that RBHS students could do this. But honestly…how are HHS students any better? Neither school has clean hands. This school rivalry has been going on forever, and I’m sure that this isn’t the only instance of poor sportsmanship, and it just happened to come from Rock Bridge students. I’m sure that sometime in our history, Hickman students have done things just as disrespectful.

  • Rb senior

    I think it is rude and distasteful to include people’s identities in this article. you are reporting, not incriminating. If I am correct, not once did Cullen use Sammy’s name in his tweets..they were generalized. So I guess her assuming they were about her says something.. This is not sexual harassment nor cyber bullying as it was not directed at anyone. Feel free to interpret them as you wish, but calling Cullen out and making it seem as he “attacked” or “bullied” Sammy is rediculous and childish. If I recall correctly, Sammy is not innocent either. Just a week before the game she tweeted “I hope the bruin girls aren’t dancing at the game Friday” and continued to pick fights with certain people over twitter. She had instigated and started anything that has occurred/been said to her. I appreciate the fact that these interesting stories have been produced, and it’s cool for the writers that they’ve been able to write such a popular article. This however is not a story of rivalries, it is a chance for Sammy to be displayed as innocent, and another attempt to group the RB student body, and put our school to shame.

  • Anonymous Hickman Student

    Although I agree the behavior of the Bru Crew is nothing short of barbaric, I feel that we as Hickman students are not the ones to point fingers. Twitter rants and peeing on metal bleachers, (while disgusting and rude) are ultimately harmless. The actions of the bruin fan base this year pale in comparison to the years past at Hickman high school. From causing over 60,000 dollars in damage during vandalism of rock bridge athletic facilities, to bringing guns into the providence bowl, we at Hickman have also had incidents involving our fans that we should be ashamed of. Ultimately, both schools are in the wrong, but I feel like before we can lift our noses at the actions of rock bridge students we should first try and remember our own. As for the glaring bias in this article, I believe the only way to have an article written that equally shows both sides of the story would be to have it written by an outside source who dosent attend either school. It’s simply impossible to write something like this and not lean in favor of the school you love.

  • Vanilla Ice

    Alright stop. Collaborate and listen.

  • Red

    I’m a senior at Rock Bridge, and I’m not saying that in any way were some of the actions at the game permissible. But you cannot also say that the way Hickman acted was nothing short of perfect. Also, Cullen’s tweets were never once mentioned. She, as may as others, may have thought that it implied her, but never once was she mentioned or tagged in a single tweet. While it has been several years since Sammy’s “incident” happened, I hardly think that she can be victimized. She was never forced to send that picture. It was her DECISION. While we were not innocent in any way we acted, you guys were not either. It is SEVERELY immature of Sammy to constantly threat people to take them for court for something she brought upon herself. End of story. I also believe it is you have used the incorrect wording when you say that the BruCrew is immature. We may not have handled things gracefully, but we are high school students, just as you are. I applaud you for taking the risk in writing this, but of all of the stories that I have read regarding last week’s game, they seem very one sided.

  • HHS person

    That’s not fair because Rockbridge students had a twitter called @RBratchets.

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