December 2011
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Ever wish there was a professional way to settle your personal drama?

MTV Networks is casting for a new show where a trained mediator helps two high school students who have an issue with each other resolve dispute.

We’re interested in hearing all kinds of stories. For example: Do you have a friend that always borrows money and never pays you back? Did someone start a rumor about you that has had lasting effects? Did a fellow student bring uninvited guests to your party then they trashed your home or disrespected you? Did an ex vandalize your property, like keying your car? Have you been defamed on-line by someone in your school and your reputation will never be the same?

If your recent ‘falling out’ needs resolution-then mail us!!! You MUST be in high school, have a great personality and be involved in a genuine, real-life issue at-hand that could benefit from mediation (and that other people could learn from). You should also appear to be between the ages of 16 and 19 years old.


Please email a PHOTO of yourself and your friend/foe and the below info to: The more details you can provide us, the better!


  • Your Name, Phone Number and Email Address

Your School/Location/City/State

  • Every story has two sides, right? What’s your story? What is the issue at hand?

What happened?

  • Please give DETAI:S:
    • Where and when the incident took place (if it’s one particular event);
    • Who the other person involved is and what your relation is to that person;
    • Why is this issue a big deal to you;
    • Whether or not it’s a big deal to the other person and if you think they would be willing to participate in the mediation process;
    • What you would hope to get out of the mediation experience, etc…


          ·          Are there other people in your lives who have an opinion on the matter? Who? How are they involved? Would they be willing to share their perspective and participate in this project? Again, please give details

          ·          Why is it important for your story to be told? Why would you want to participate in this show?

 THANKS! We look forward to hearing from you.



By Patricia Glay

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