December 2011
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Weekly Time Waster- ThisIsWhyI’mBroke

Are you stressing about your finals? Do you find yourself struggling to study night after night? Well, continue doing so with a visit to! With products ranging from Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper ($6.87) to a Pirate Ship Playhouse ($27,000) the website’s name truly is fitting.

            The site is more or less a “catablog,” [...]

Big Week

Last week the Hickman basketball team two out of three games at the McDonalds Tournament in Blue Springs, beating Lincoln Prep and Blue Springs. This Tuesday the 13th the Kewpies will face off with rivals Jefferson City and then Thursday they will play Rockbridge at Rockbridge. This is probably the biggest week, the two most important [...]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly- Dec 15

Good- Thursday night of this week, December the 15th, is the Hickman boys’ basketball team’s first playoff against the dreaded rock bridge bruins this year. The game starts at 6:00pm, with the JV boys starting. Don’t forget to wear your purple and yellow and cheer on your fellow kewps. Hopefully it’ll be an easy win.

Bad- The [...]


Ever wish there was a professional way to settle your personal drama?

MTV Networks is casting for a new show where a trained mediator helps two high school students who have an issue with each other resolve dispute.

We’re interested in hearing all kinds of stories. For example: Do you have a friend that always borrows money and [...]

Scavenger Hunt 13

Directions: Included in this blog, there is a photo. This photo is a location found in Columbia. Your goal is to find out where this location is. The first person to comment on this page with the correct response will win a FREE PRIZE!! Leave your first and last name and what grade you are in [...]

Expensive Obsession

Since I started working at Dairy Queen I have become obsessed with smoothies. My obsession has gotten expensive even though I get a percentage off. So I asked for a blender for Christmas and have been on the hunt for good recipes. I have found this, it’s delicious. Have a favorite recipe? Comment and share!

1/2 cup [...]