April 2011
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Female delivery drivers

On a recent job hunt, I spent a good amount of time searching the newspapers, internet, and talking to people in town about new openings. With 2nd semester coming to a close at Mizzou, everywhere college seniors are getting ready to quit their job, leaving us high school kids opportunities to jump in.

I’ve been told that [...]

The day the music died

There once were websites a long, long, long time ago that Hickman students were allowed to listen to during school. A long time ago when things were much easier. When kids could work and listen to music. When music allowed students to work more in peace. A few weeks ago when music at Hickman died.

A day [...]

Fashion forward

Today’s fashion is constantly morphing, season by season. Some things aren’t original, such as the rompers and gladiator shoes (talkin’ about old). Some things are cute, some are ugly, and some are just simply different. The new thing I like doing is putting feathers in my hair.

Multiple times, I’ve been asked if I’m copying Ke$ha, something [...]

Looking forward

While my Newspaper class took a day to visit the zoo, I had the “opportunity” to instead attend a field trip at MU’s Life Sciences Center. Most people wouldn’t pass up a chance to go to the zoo, even if they are in high school. However, with senioritis hitting me hard, I couldn’t chance the additional [...]

Zoo Crossing

I awoke from my Sunday nap with a text from my teacher telling me we were going on a field trip to the Zoo. Now when you think of a field trip to the zoo you think of maybe a third or fifth grade class, but no we were seniors and juniors. Yes, we were a [...]

Nothin’ but action- NBA play-offs

Who will hoist the Larry O’Brian Championship Trophy?

Now that the pre-season, aka the regular season, in the NBA is done, we finally get to watch some brilliant and exciting basketball games in the post season. The NBA play-offs consist of 16 teams, 8 from the Eastern Conference and, yep, you guessed it, 8 from [...]

Celebrate National Poetry Month…

… only a little bit late. May 4, directly after school in the Little Theater, Poetry Society is hosting the annual spring poetry slam.

A poetry slam is where students stand up and present a poem they’ve written. Typically slam poetry is performed, not just read off a page. A panel of judges randomly picked from the [...]

Don’t Tangle Me, Bro!

The fierce April winds sweep through the skies, flags flap violently to its wrath. The “big wave” is a surfer’s greatest dream, and this, my friends, is a kite enthusiast’s perfect wind drift.

Huge gusts of wind roar past ears, shirts flap in its current. The string is taught, and the upward pull from the kite tightens [...]

We Need More School Spirit

     When I was at the girls soccer game against our cross-town rivals, Rockbridge, it was evident that my friends and I were the only ones cheering. Frankly, it made me mad.  As a fellow athlete I like to look in the stands and see the fans and hear the rants and cheers.  We need more [...]

No middle ground

CPS students have plenty of course options, from welding to sewing to exercise physiology. Even the core areas provide choices. Science? Genetics, Environmental Science, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Bio 2. Math? Calculus, Statistics, College Algebra. Social Studies?  Psychology, Sociology, AP Euro, World Studies, AP Government…just to name a few. Many of these courses are offered at [...]