April 2011
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Raindrops keep falling on my head

With April currently providing the showers for May’s flowers, we students are facing a precarious dilemma: how to stay dry. While most classes are in the building and don’t require outdoor walking, the stroll to your car or trailer can leave you drenched and depressed if you don’t take the proper precautions.

The usual umbrella method is completely impractical for school. Sure it keeps me dry, but I don’t want to carry that around all day. I like my hands to be free for high fives, handshakes, and the occasional fist bump in the hallways. On a positive note, should you get cornered in the parking lot, you can ward off attackers with an umbrella (far more effective than a raincoat).

Holding your backpack over your head works great if your backpack is as big as mine. I would strongly recommend this technique for light rains, as they aren’t heavy enough to penetrate the outer layers of most conventional packs. However, when it rains hard your shield quickly gets soaked leaving your books water-damaged and illegible. No one wants to pay the media center $100 in reparations. I’d rather get wet.

Rain Coats: not to be confused with regular jackets (the crème de le crème of rain protection) do the job every time, yet still leave your hands free to rock-paper-scissors until your hands bleed. The trick is to find one that is still stylish, because I personally don’t look good in puke green trench coats. Luckily, Nike, Eddie Bauer, North Face  and other athletic apparel providers have met this need.

Stay dry, and stay classy Hickman High School.

By Adam Brenner

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