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Drastic measures taken for Rebecca Black

A couple of days ago, I saw a headline on Yahoo: “Rebecca Black Under Police Protection After Death Threats.” Believe me, I find “Friday” as annoying as the next person, and I’m not about to put on black eyeliner and cry “leave Rebecca alone,” but come on. Maybe lyrics like “yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday” are far from a work of genius, but Rebecca didn’t write the song. She was merely a thirteen-year-old girl going after a dream. What did she ever do to deserve something as extreme as death threats?

The two death threats she received, one over the phone and one over email, don’t include the numerous hateful YouTube comments she’s gotten. The Internet can be great—after all, it has allowed Rebecca to earn her fame and a whole lot of money—but cyberbullying continues to be an issue in this society. How can it stop when technology continues to evolve? And what possesses some people to be cruel enough to send death threats to a thirteen year old girl when she did absolutely nothing wrong?

By Andrea Trierweiler

6 comments to Drastic measures taken for Rebecca Black

  • Dave Caruso

    Well I guess you can say that somebody…*puts on sunglasses*…got down on friday.

  • >ave

    It’s all fun, fun, fun until somebody gets a death threat on Friday.

  • Nick

    Can you post your source? I’m not doubting you, I just want to read up.

    It’s nice that the police are stepping in to protect a 13 year-old girl from internet trolls, but I don’t understand why more rage isn’t being directed towards Ark music factory and other places that are exploiting young girls and their rich parents. They’re the real ones at fault here.

  • Andrea


    Also, I agree that people need to be more critical of Ark Music Factory than Rebecca herself. Someone should’ve realized that a song that could’ve been written by an elementary school student would’ve received so much criticism, and they should’ve found something different for Rebecca to do.

  • kelli

    well i agree with andrea plus im quessing the old guy in the video is the owner of the music label because if on youtube you go to related videos hes in everyone of them also i cant get this song out of my head since i heard it and i hate the song just saying the song is annoying but you cant get the lyrics out of your head because of how many times she says friday plus she cant sing sounds like a man if your going to sing you have to sound good enough to where the autotune doesnt make you sound like a man instead of a women

  • Nick

    Also, I would like to point out that Black’s mother paid $2000 to essentially make her daughter famous. I wonder if she thinks it was money well-spent. Sure Friday has 200 million views, but all these death threats are because of the poor lyric-writing by Ark Music Factory.

    I think I’d get a refund.

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