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Eat it

For those in the student body fortunate enough to avoid the tortuous experience commonly referred to as the “senior class picture,” but also unfortunate enough to have to suffer through an additional week of school in June, you may or may not have already heard what happened. One of the students held up a sign declaring “Eat S—” during the first couple pictures, which was spotted by one of the photographers.

I laughed, but not because I thought it was funny. No, I laughed because it was sad. As I’ve talked about before, it upsets me when adults treat teenagers like they’re immature idiots, because I don’t believe they are.

But after what I saw today, I’m not really sure what to think anymore. I want to think the best of my fellow classmates, and even myself, and believe that we’re mature, ready-to-contribute, functioning members of society, and that high school has adequately prepared us for real life. Hopefully, incidences like these are more indicative of individual rather than overall immaturity.

Anyways, it seems pretty ironic to me that, at the senior class picture—with graduation only a month away—that immaturity more fitting for a second grade class picture would be displayed.

Though my initial reaction was to chuckle, it wasn’t amusement at this student’s cleverness—I mean really, if you’re going to go big, go for broke. Denounce society’s excesses. Call out someone. Promote anarchy. And please, be clever about it. “Eat S—” requires the brain activity of a cabbage.

I understand you’re working with limited space, the back of the order form for the class picture is pretty small. Next time, try a twist on a stereotypical message with “Look Ma, no Photoshop.” Sell advertising; if no one will buy, put up a “For Let,” or “Your ad here.” Or put up your phone number, maybe some cute girl will be impressed by your daring. Or try the classic arrow and a “he’s not wearing pants” sign.

So if you’re going to be immature, at least be creative.

By John Brooks

9 comments to Eat it

  • Finesse

    This cracked me up, thank you.

  • Uncle Sammy

    I think we should actually be supporting this student’s right to free speech. Sure, he’s an unoriginal idiot, but America is defined by it’s moral society; to repress it only further feeds the fire. Ever repress anger? You know how that works out… You end up with dissociative personality disorder, and that ain’t fun. But back on point, if we punish that student, what’s going to happen? He’s already destined to take the place of the excrement in society, and he will visit the toilet soon. Why not let people like him show us how bad our country needs fixing, morally.

  • paradoxal membrane

    i like turtles

  • Finesse

    the big finesse has been compromised

  • Sir Lancelot

    Sammy, are you suggesting we just let him hold up that sign in our senior photo? I don’t support that “free speech”.

  • Troll Watcher

    I’m kinda tired of this whole senoir pride. We’re in a college town and at least more than half our senoir class is going to college. I feel this whole senoir pride to be a joke and a money scam. Think you’re still going to school after highschool. The whole senoir class pride I feel is just an idea from like 25-50 years ago. When a post high school diploma wasn’t needed. Pretty soon a graduate won’t even be inportant because people with graduates can’t even get a job.

  • Scags

    Paradoxal Membrane, are you the kid that held up the sign cuz I found your comment similarly annoying.

    @Troll Watcher, not totally sure what your trying to say, but seniors should be proud to be seniors because (we)’ve spent 13 years working towards a goal that will now finally be realized. And if now a college degree can get us no job, then perhaps pride in graduation is the only thing we can be proud of any longer

    This mostly upsets me because for so long I had this concept that my fellow Hickman students and I were classier, that RB were the rich, white d-bags and Hickman were level-headed. This year my class has really let me down

  • T-bone

    @scags and john
    are you guys serious? you had faith in our senior class? you thought that we were classy? level headed? what school have you been going to? because if we are talking about the same school which i’m quite certain we are I have noticed little maturity in our senior class and little advancment since our sophmore year. I can’t wait to graduate in hopes that I can at least begin to surround myself with people that display more maturity than a class of 12 year olds. dont get me wrong there is a small group of people in our class that are ready for the real world but as far as i can see the majority are still immature and will get a real shock come the first day of college/whatever life after high school they choose.

  • Nick

    You know why a high school diploma won’t get you a job? Because even cabbages can get it. Because of the effort of school districts and lawmakers everywhere, more kids are getting high school diplomas. But it isn’t because kids are smarter, it’s just that the value of a high school education has decreased enough that everyone can have one. Even cabbeges. Although I would seriously hope that the cabbege in this story does not get to walk across the stage, because he’s disgraced the rest of his classmates.

    Also, who was that sign directed at, anyway? The rest of his class who now hates him? The photographer who didn’t want to be there? The administrators that can prevent him from graduating? It was not a smart decision, and it definetly wasn’t funny.

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