January 2011
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Money is money

            I was watching Winter’s Bone and The Social Network the other night.  Winter’s Bone: creepy and demented. The Social Network: entertaining and informative. Both had similar endings, involving greed. Spoiler alert! In the end, both main characters get money to make them “happy.”

The Social Networks Mark Zuckerburg ends up making far more money, but money nonetheless. Winter’s Bone Ree, made just enough money to keep her family from losing their home. 

When I started both movies, I figured Winter’s Bone would have the more depressing and less frustrating ending. However, The Social Network was far more frustrating.  Both were movies left me in a pit of disappointment.  Another way for the movie industry to sell the idea that happy endings MUST be accompanied by dollar signs.

            One scene in which Ree asks an Army recruit for $40,000 made me think; “Wow, the things we do for money.” Yes, I realize this was “for her family,” but does this really justify the idea that money is our prized possession in life?

            The Social Network was completely directed towards money, money, money. So when the movie got to the end I wasn’t surprised that money had anything to do with it. Realistically, money had to be present for Facebook to happen. Was it necessary however, for Facebook to be a money-gaining scheme? I mean the initial idea was so that people at Harvard could connect with one another so people could communicate. The movie had a “happy ending” because everyone (except one- Eduardo) got their “fair share” of money.

            Maybe this is Hollywood creating an accurate perception of most Americans. If we don’t get our money, then our day, our life isn’t happy.

Haydn Campmier

3 comments to Money is money

  • Big Papa

    The ending of Winter’s Bone had nothing to do with greed. It was about survival.

  • Blair Campmier

    you have been listening all these years!! good review and summary.


  • Good review and good insights.

    I haven’t seen Winter’s Bone, but I didn’t think that – at least for Mark Zuckerberg – money was a driving motivator. It definitely was for everyone else in the film, but for Mark, it seemed like it was always more about feeling connected to people.

    Of course I bet his piles of billions help a little ;)

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