January 2011
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Don’t miss out!

As a second semester senior, I’ve missed my chance at enrolling in any more classes here at Hickman. Looking back, there are so many that I wish I could have taken.


Get involved in your school! Being on the yearbook staff allows you to go behind the scenes during many school activities, and you get to decide how your years at Hickman are remembered in the Yearbook.


Not only do you have a blast while learning the proper way to write for publications, you also get an English credit. I wish I would have been involved in this class my sophomore year, so that I could have wiped out the English credit that I need now.

Digital Media/Graphic Design.

I’m taking Digital Media this year, but I really wish I had taken it earlier so that I could be in an upper level Graphic Design class now. I’ve learned so many cool things about computers and designing, and it’s really got me interested in pursuing this field as a career, or at least as a strong hobby.

Although I have my regrets about what I didn’t take, I’m very glad to have taken a few special classes. Everyone should consider taking these classes while at Hickman!!


I’m a newbie here on the P&G staff, and I really wish I had taken part much earlier. We get to discuss important issues facing our generation and our school, and report them to you guys. Not to mention, we always have a good time, and it’s a great alternative to other classes to receive a language arts credit.

Biology 2

Even if you didn’t fall in love with Biology the first time around, you definitely will this time. You get to dissect all kinds of creatures, learn how to gram stain (which can help you in future jobs), and many more fun biological experiments.

AP Psych

Afraid of the AP in front of this class? Don’t be. While this class is challenging, I’ve learned more about the human population than I thought possible. Plus, you can earn college credit. How cool is that?

By Jessica Vaughn

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