January 2011
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There’s an app for that

I’ve had my iPhone for all of a week and a half and I’m already obsessed—I can’t imagine functioning without it.  It hasn’t left my side since I got it.  I even had a nightmare last night that its screen shattered.  In my short relationship (and that’s what it is, a relationship) with this magical phone, I have come up with a short list of some of the most entertaining and helpful apps that I’ve come across.

TonePad: Described as being “a bit like musical crack” by the App Store, TonePad allows you to create music with the touch of your finger.  A 16×16 grid lights up and plays notes…you just have to play around with it to get the full effect, trust me.

Adobe Photoshop Express: True, the iPhone’s camera is pretty awesome; I’ve already abandoned my old digital camera.  But sometimes photos just need editing, and this free app is the most simplistic and helpful one I’ve found.

StumbleUpon: I rave about this website to anyone who will listen, so of course I had to get the app.  For those of you who don’t know, StumbleUpon compiles your interests and leads you websites that would interest you.  It’s addictive and the perfect thing to do with a couple of moments of free time.

BubbleWrap:  It’s bubble wrap.  On your phone.  Enough said.

These are just a few of the awesome apps I’ve found, and I would love to hear about your favorites.  Which ones should have made my list?

Aubrey Winn

4 comments to There’s an app for that

  • Dr. Scrabula

    Words with friends. nuff said

  • Danny


    So there’s this pretty cool app called TouchMouse by Logitech. It works with an internet connection and any computer at home. So you pretty much have a wireless mouse on your iPhone. You DO have to install something on the computer for it to work, you can get it from Logitech.com. Now, this might not be too handy, BUT, it’s really fun to mess with people in your house with TouchMouse. There’s nothing like watching your mom freak out as she watches the mouse move around against her will. Ahahahaha. Have fun terrorizing your family!

  • Mad Max

    Mini-Phone app: A minature cellphone IN YOUR PHONE! Wooo!

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