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Best of

Your Best of 2010 blog team.

Inside Columbia

recently released their Best of Columbia 2010 winners.  For the most part we’re too young, too uncultured, or too broke to care about the best happy hour, best place to buy flowers, or best dry cleaning service.  Therefore we’ve compiled our own Best of Columbia.          

Favorite Local Blog

Not that we’re impartial or anything, but we’re naming the Purple and Gold Blog as the best for 2010, 2011, and pretty much forever after.

Favorite Lunch Location

Mug’s up.  Drive in during your lunch break for their legendary root beer and burgers. 

Favorite Theatre

RagTag Cinema.  Who wouldn’t want to sink into a couch while watching an independent film surrounded by the type of people that won’t text through the whole thing.

Outside Attraction

Although we’ve seen our fair share of snow and freezing temperatures this winter don’t forget about Devil’s Ice Box for the spring and summer.  Take a guided tour through the home of the endangered Indiana Bat. 

Downtown Location  

For those looking for live entertainment check out the Blue Note.  It’s been showcasing talent for over 25 years.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers even took the stage here before they got big. 

These are just a few of our favorite things about Columbia, we’d love to hear yours and add them to the list!                  

By Haydn Campmier and Gaby Lopez

16 comments to Best of

  • Egotistical William Faulkner

    Favorite Local P&G Commenter
    William Faulkner and his many derivatives.

  • Egotistical William Faulkner

    Since I believe in professionalism and fixing my errors, I feel the need to repost this with correct HTML tags

    Favorite Local P&G Commenter

    William Faulkner and his many derivatives

  • Making it Right William Faulkner

    Since I still believe in professionalism and learning from my mistakes, I will try again.

    Favorite Local P&G Commenter

    William Faulkner and his many derivatives

  • Satisfied William Faulkner

    Ahh, much better.

  • Snake Man Wanna Be


    You realize that you posted that at 9:14 pm on a friday night…
    Oh, and you forgot your period after derivatives on the second and third post. That’s not very professional.

  • Corrected William Faulkner

    Favorite Local P&G Commenter

    William Faulkner and his many derivatives.

    Bless you, Snake Man Wanna Be. I stand corrected and am very thankful for your help in my search for perfection.

    Why yes, yes I do realize that I was commenting at 9:14 pm on a Friday night. (P.S. Capitalize days of the week). Do you wonder about my consciousness of this fact because you do not remember what you were doing at 9:14 pm last Friday?

  • Nick

    I freaking love Mugs Up. So. Much.

  • William Faulkner

    I will find you and eat you, you impersonating pestulance…

    @the article, I know that one of the members of the blog team has moved to Costa Rica, and I wish her a good time there.
    As for what the favorite *blank* is, I’d have to say I’m not too surprised that they chose Mugs Up for a favorite, and am quite glad. As for the other places, I would rise no dispute; except maybe to the RagTag cinema. It’s interesting, sure, but I’m a Forum 8/hollywood kinda guy.

  • Shocked William Faulkner

    I’m a pestilence?!

    PS, spell checker is the best.

  • Max Rockatansky

    Is there an app to remove trolls from hickman boards?

  • Nick

    I think the staff should star moderating the comments more strictly, or not at all. Just removing things that are obviously spam and leaving the things that irritate everyone else is not good blog management.

    But really, if your hobby is trolling the school blog you have a sad life. I mean, there are so many websites more in need of trolling than the nonsensical blog of the newspaper class. Go back to /b/.

  • Aubrey

    As great as it would be to moderate annoying blog comments, we are all about letting students get their opinions out, even if they might irritate or annoy other students.
    Is it too much to hope that students will be responsible and mature in the blog comments?

  • Muckraker (Ex Wonderful William Faulkner)

    I am offended that you believe my comments are spam or trolling. I also find it amusing because I seem to have this idea that the P&G blog would really like students to read and be involved. Is it so horrible that I like to respond to what I read? On that same note, Nick, if the P&G were to censor comments more than they currently do it would would be inferior blog management and poor journalism.

    Of all of the ways in which my life could be sad, I am pretty confident that the fact that I occasionally amuse myself by commenting on this little blog here. Maybe the facts that I have a 3.922 GPA and am currently reading Charles Bukowski poems are more open to criticism and more inherently “sad” than the additional fact that yes, I am commenting on the P&G blog on a Tuesday evening.

    Oh, I’m so sorry that this isn’t on topic.

    Wait, I can fix it.

    Best Place to Get a Soda: Peace Nook, 65 cents for a Blue Sky.

  • Wade

    Charles Bukowski ftw!

  • Max Rockatansky

    Aubrey, I disagree… I think that there should be a “Report Abuse” button at the bottom of each post so that you can file a complaint against the offending parties. I used to use the name “William Faulkner” until I was soon copied by multiple individuals in a horridly disruptive act of trolling, and thus, I’ve got two or three clones in existance on this forum. I think that a “Report Abuse” button should be considered for this forum, and moderators could supervise and edit/delete comments that are not pertaining to the discussion on hand, constantly trolling, and making a mockery of the boards lack of security.

    Oh, and as for To-Airport transportation, I’d like to reccomend we elect Mo-X! Because we want you to ride Mo-X!!! After all… I’d make a pretty fine Mo-X supermodel ;)

  • Andrea


    “if the P&G were to censor comments more than they currently do.”

    Not sure what you’re talking about. As the P&G staff has made clear before, we do not censor student comments unless they aren’t school-appropriate. Only spam gets deleted.

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