January 2011
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Attention Facebook users

     Between becoming fans of Justin Beiber and Chipotle you should check out the new P&G blog fan site on everyone’s favorite website: Facebook. Next time you’re bored and looking to waste a little time before doing your homework, show your appreciation for your Kewpie Bloggers by shooting us a quick like or commenting on a [...]

Reasons to increase passing time

Crowded hallways?


The hallways are crowded. If our school were not made up of 2000 students, five minutes would be plenty of time to get to class. But making it there on time is a difficult task when there’s barely enough room for everyone to breathe, let alone walk. Not to mention people like to [...]

I was in front of you

     Lunch is obviously everybody’s favorite period, but it becomes less enjoyable every day. Some of the mannerd that people display are just not acceptable. While it’s not like it was in the third grade where you would be yelled at constantly for “butting”, the problem of cutting still exists. I don’t mind if one friend [...]

Koo Koo Kangaroo

     If you are ever feeling bored, go to www.kookookangaroo.com. Of course, you won’t be able to on school computers because the internet doesn’t work.

     On this site, you will find one of my favorite bands: Koo Koo Kangaroo. While I’m not usually a fan of hearing childish lyrics, the dance beat immediately hooked me. The [...]

Hey Princess Sparkles

     “Hey Princess Sparkles, you should draw me a picture today…I really like dinosaurs.J”

     Girls, how would you react to a text like this from a guy you just met? The website “howtotextgirls.com” insists that texts like these will get a great reaction from the ladies. Another “perfect first text” they recommended was:

     “Hey there my [...]