May 2010
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Three Superlatives

dsc02562            If you can stomach the smell of feces mixed with little black rubber pellets, then you are in luck! Waltz on out to the football field at your leisure today and thine eyes shall be exposed to the glory of the senior class’s “prank”. This “prank” receives the Worst Prank of the Year award, in a landslide victory over every other crappy idea anyone has come up with. This takes the cake because there is a big difference between “prank” and “crime”.            

            In direct contrast, the Greatest Prank of the Year award goes to Jordan Verslues; the man, the legend. Two days ago big JV cruised into school on his roller blades a la Napoleon Dynamite (minus Kip of course). Jordan started an event on Facebook encouraging all his friends to wear blades into school. Sadly, he was the only participant in “Wear Roller Blades to School Day”. He was reprimanded for his actions just after second hour. He is a brave soul, and paid the ultimate price: a 20 minute detention.

            The Most Feminist Teacher award goes to math teacher Lisa Nieder. This year she spread her female-promoting propaganda more intensely than a fat guy spreads margarine on a bacon-sausage sandwich. All joking aside, Mrs. Nieder was a good sport this year and should be applauded for her dedication to patience.

            These are just three of the many deserving superlatives for this year. I would reference more from 2010, but I feel it would be most fun for people to write their own superlatives. (Aaron Bolli and Andy Huss are experts at this).

            Have a fantastic end of the year and thanks so much for reading!

            Yours Truly,

            Drew Gieseke

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