May 2010
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Hickman's Holy Grail


            This is my last week as a taxpayer-funded public school student. From this week onwards, I will no longer have to deal with internet blocks, adult supervision, and asking to go to the bathroom. My final blog post for this year is a plea to all the juniors and sophomores that will be attending Hickman next year: don’t give up.

            For as long as I’ve been working on computers in school, I can remember trying to find proxies with my friends so that I could engage in some online gaming. I know that I am not the only person either. In a study I made up to prove my point, more than 95% of Hickman students worldwide (yea) search or play games on the computers at school. This number may shock some people, but it is a stat that cannot be avoided by administration for much longer.

            When you find that gaming site, keep it as secret as you can. The more people you tell, the stronger chance there is that your site will be discovered, and that awesome game you love to play will forever be lost in a wormhole of anonymity.

I encourage all non-graduates to continue searching for gaming sites and proxies that fulfill your appetite for Cube Runner (maybe even Line Rider if you consider yourself “retro”). In-school boredom can only be tolerated for so long!

            If you find yourself downtrodden and discouraged, keep this in mind: Indiana Jones never gave up in The Last Crusade. He made it through that booby-trapped synagogue or temple or whatever, and found the true Holy Grail. If Indy can do it, then you can too. 

By Drew Gieseke

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