April 2015
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Spurs receive Stern sanctions

Ok, so last Thursday the Heat and Spurs played in Miami. It was San Antonio’s 4th game in 5 days and 6th in 9 days; their 17th game already, the most in the league.

Because of this, Spurs’ Coach Gregg Popovich sent 4 of his 5 starters, and the biggest 3 names the Spurs have, back to San Antonio to rest. The Spurs lead most of the game, but ultimately lost 105-100. End of story, right? Apparently not.

Commissioner David Stern said the move was “unacceptable” and the Spurs will face penalties. What?! A team with their 3 best players thousands of miles away loses by 5 to the defending champs at their gym only because Miami finished on a 12-2 run. That shouldn’t be punished, they nearly won. Yeah, I get that people want to see big name players play, but anyone who pays attention to the Spurs or even the NBA in general should know that that’s just what Coach Pop does.

This just proves the depth the Spurs have, other people may view these players as ‘scrubs,’ but trust me, they aren’t. I’ve watched the Spurs for years; they’re easily my favorite team. Everyone on this team can play; I could understand Stern’s decision if the Spurs had been blown out, but it was a close game, an entertaining nail bitter.

I don’t see the problem if it was a close, Miami fans should just take the win and be glad the Spurs sent home Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green because Miami probably would’ve lost if those guys were playing based on how close it was with the second string team in. All I’m saying is, nobody would be complaining about not getting to see San Antonio’s big three play if the Spurs had pulled off the win.

by Richard Maltby

How to survive finals week in five easy steps

Finals Week. The most dreaded five (in our case three) days of any semester. And believe it or not, there are ways to do well on your finals with out your best friend’s Adderall prescription.
I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. The teachers are basically giving you the questions on the final and giving you time to find the answers using notes. I mean whats that going to take you? 30 minutes to an hour? And all you have to do after that is look over it a few times the day before and of the test. Like seriously people; it’s not that hard.
You studying your butt off and your stuck on a question. Instead of stressing yourself out and cluttering your brain, take a break. Go to the magic tree, go to a movie, hang out with a friend. Do something to take your mind off of it for a little while. I prefer to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos, but that’s just me. But when your done and relaxed, go back to the question and work through it. It’s not impossible, otherwise the teacher wouldn’t give it to you.
It’s told to you every year and let me tell you again, it helps. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and doctors visits during finals are not fun. Feeling sick while trying to study makes it ten times harder. You could forget some important questions for the test while being all drugged up from treating that cold that could’ve easily been avoided. Eat your greens, wash your hands, don’t sneeze on your neighbors. Three easy things.
Many people think that wearing sweat pants and a hoodie while taking finals helps them get a better grade. Although this method is comfortable, it isn’t always effective. Studies show that when you look good, you feel good and during testing you need all the “goodness” you can get. I’m not saying wear a prom dress to school but jeans and a nice shirt couldn’t kill you.
First of all, stress causes pimples. Ew. No one needs that for all the Christmas party pictures that are most likely going to end up on Instagram over break. Second, stressing out causes you to forget stuff. If you’re like me, I have seven finals that I need to memorize information for. I can’t afford to stress out over one and forget all the stuff I’ve studied hard on for the other six. It’s not worth it and if you are stressing, go into the teacher and ask them for help. THEY’RE NOT GOING TO TURN YOU AWAY. Teachers want you to get a good grade just as much as you do. But if you’re following my first four steps in the first place, chances are you won’t need this step and finals will breeze by for you.
by Sammy Hall

The Zellers vs the Brendels

Looking at the Zeller kid’s Tuesday night compared to my sibling’s made me feel pretty useless to say the least. All three Zeller kids played a basketball game that night.  The two older brother, who are both NBA players (Luke-PHX and Tyler-CLE), played against each other in the Suns-Cavs game; while baby brother Cody played for #1 ranked Indiana against older brother Tyler’s alma mater, North Carolina.

For those of you whom are still unaware of exactly who the Zeller children are, allow me to provide a little background.

I always loved UNC’s previous massive, white post presence, Tyler Hansbrough, but when injuries sidelined him early in his senior year, Coach Roy Williams gave 7’ Tyler Zeller the nod. After major contributions in the starting lineup during my beloved Psycho T’s absence, and then again off the bench once Hansbrough had returned, it was clear Zeller would be a name to remember. Over the next three years, Tyler proved to be a stat-sheet-stuffer. During his senior year, Tyler was named both ACC player of the year and a second team all American earning a jersey with ‘Zeller’ on the back a spot in the historic rafters of the Smith Center.

During Tyler’s highly publicized senior year, younger brother (who is also a 7-footer) Cody’s fantastic freshman year was turning heads towards the campus at Indiana University. Cody’s averages of 15.6 points and 6.6 rebounds per game helped to improve the Hoosiers record by 15 games and a trip to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament only to lose to the eventual national champion Kentucky Wildcats. Now in his sophomore year, Cody is the talk of the nation as the franchise player for the best team in the both the AP and Coaches Polls.

So as I was watching the ACC-Big 10 battle between the Hoosiers and the Tarheels last night, I learned that there was in fact a THIRD Zeller. After franticly scouring the links Google provide me after searching ‘the Zeller brothers,’ I learned that the eldest, least known brother was also a Division I basketball player. In his collegiate days, Luke (who stands at a much more modest 6’11”) played post for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish until entering the draft after his senior season. Failing to be drafted, possibly the only blemish on the three brother’s records (and it’s still a hell of a lot more impressive than anything you’ve done), Luke bounced around between various NBA summer-league, international, and NBA D-league teams before finally signing with the Suns just this October.

Now that you know a little bit more about this family of freaks (the ‘Makes-Millions-of-Dollars kind of freaks), I digress back to how the Zeller’s Tuesday differed from the Brendel’s. While the Zeller’s baby was busy dropping 20 on one of the most decorated schools in the history of college basketball, the Brendel baby, Rosie, was playing in a basketball game of her own. (Don’t sleep on the Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School 7th grade girls’ team) The two older Zellers didn’t get much playing time in the Suns-Cavs battle and only scored a single basket between the two of them, but when you compare that to my brother’s and my combined 4 hours spent on Xbox Live, it looks a tad more impressive.

Despite our obvious pitfalls, I’m sticking with my family in this matchup and fully welcome a Brendel-Zeller game of 3v3 (I’ll guard the small one).

‘Tis the season of leggings

Scarves, sweaters, UGGs, and leggings.

That just about sums up the cold weather fashion at Hickman this year.

In a previous blog, I warned girls against wearing printed leggings because, well, crazy abstract designs on legs just aren’t always the best idea.

However, I am so excited about the winter-themed leggings that I have been seeing everywhere.

So maybe the horizontal stripes on most of these leggings aren’t the most flattering to wear, who cares?  They’re festive and go right along with the whole sweater/UGG outfits.

They’re made of a heavier material than normal leggings to keep your legs nice and cozy.

If you’re ever stuck in a snow storm, just know that your fashionable snowflake leggings may just save your life.

by Stephanie Briedwell

In honor of DKR

Darrell K Royal, the football coach that put the Texas Longhorns on the map, passed away on Wednesday November 7th. He was 88 years old. As a huge fan of Texas I was sad to hear the news of his passing. The man was a legend and had a huge impact on the game of football.

He took over as Longhorns coach in 1956 following a 1-9 year, the school’s worst season ever. The team went 6-4-1 (there were ties back then) and never looked back from there. During the 20 years he was coach; Texas never had a losing season, won 11 Southwest Conference championships and 3 national championships and went 167–47–5 under Coach Royal. The majority of success came under the wishbone offense, which Texas started running in 1968.

Royal hired Emory Bellard and asked him to create a 3 man back field, triple option formation. The start was a slow one; they tied in their first game and lost the second, but then went onto win 30 straight games and 2 national championships. The wishbone was used throughout college football and was one of the most successful formations in the 70s and 80s; a majority of the success came from Texas and their two biggest rivals, Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

In 1996, the Longhorns’ stadium was named Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium to honor him.

Also in honor of Royal on November 10th, the Longhorns wore DKR decals on their helmets and ran their first play out of the wishbone at the stadium that bears his name. Quarterback David Ash pitched it to Jaxon Shipley who threw it back to Ash who found Greg Daniels wide open for a 46 yard gain.

Coach Royal would’ve been proud.

by Richard Maltby

College basketball is back, and I couldn’t be happier

I absolutely love college basketball, and last night was a perfect example of why. Feeling pretty confident that our #14 ranked Tigers wouldn’t have too much of an issue with Alcorn State, I decided to sit back and watch the two top-25 matchups in the State Farm Champions Classic.

First of the two was #21 Michigan State battling with #7 Kansas. The tension was almost tangible with the game more or less remaining a one possession lead until late in the second half. I can’t say I have any allegiances to Michigan State, but as time wound down I found myself at the edge of my seat until Keith Appling’s circus show finish pushed the lead to 3 with 13.5 seconds remaining. At this point, I was far off of the edge of my seat delighted in the fact that Missouri’s oldest rival had fallen to 1-1.

My joy was pretty short lived as I watched the court clear and the hasty preparation for the impending battle between the top-10 goliaths #9 Duke and #3 Kentucky began. After the Wildcats only managed to skirt past Maryland by 3 points last Friday, my friends convinced me that the defending national champions were nothing special this year. That opinion changed quickly as I became more familiar with the fabulous freshman Coach Calipari has at his disposal.

I’m a firm believer that a cool name insures athletic ability, and Nerlens Noels is a textbook example. Not to mention that his high-top fade with the UK logo shaved into the bag of his neck is a much cooler look than Anthony Davis’ trademark uni-brow. In addition to having the perfect basketball name and appearance, the kid can play. And not only Noel, all of the young Cats players were wildly impressive.

The four diaper-dandies combined for a total of 56 points, 52 of which were scored by the three freshmen in the starting lineup (Poythress-20, Noel-16, Goodwin-16). The game quickly began a battle between the youth of Kentucky and the veterans of Duke. Towards the end of the second half, Kentucky battled back from the largest deficit of the game and appeared to have a legit chance to swing in front of the mature Blue Devils. In the end, however, experience showed to be the deciding factor and Duke won 75-68.

Then I took a look over to the Mizzou score. 91-54 looked pretty much like what I had expected, until I saw that we had only ended the first half with a 7 point lead. Whatever seems to be the issue with this year’s highly anticipated Missouri in the first half is going to be a problem once we reach legitimate opponents.

Although I will say I have pretty high hopes for this season, and all the new faces of Missouri Basketball. When I went to the season opener against SIUE, I was particularly impressed by the post play from 6 foot 9 inch UConn transfer Alex Oriakhi, as well as the shooting abilities of the two Canadians out of Huntington  Prep; 6’6” Negus Webster-Chan and the 6’11” Stefan Jankovic. Junior Phil Pressey and senior Lawrence Bowers’ talents are nothing new to Missouri fans, but they’re last two performances really have been the difference makers for Coach Frank Haith and his team.

I only hope that the team as whole works the kinks out of their first half performances before we travel to Lexington to play the Wildcats in February.

by Cole Brendel

Wrap up for the seasons

What’s a fall essential and goes with sweaters and UGGs?


They are so much more than just Hickey-Hiders.

Not only do they keep you warm, they are so easy to wear they’re impossible not to love.

Throw a scarf over a t-shirt with a jacket and you’re good to go.

Or even pair it with a big bulky sweater for that complete fall look.

My personal favorite scarves are currently animal print scarves.

Zebra, cheetah, and leopard are a few prints that I’ve fallen in love with.

Scarves are an inexpensive staple every girl should have in their closets.

They can go with any outfit and make it that much more fashionable.

by Stephanie Briedwell

Rock Bridge reporter causes student outrage

While classes were dismissed for the election on Tuesday, the twitter-sphere kept busy. All any student, Hickman or Rock Bridge, was talking about was an article that appeared in Bearing News, RBHS’s online publication. The article written by Hagar Gov-Ari analysed the actions of the Rock Bridge students, particularly the BruCrew, during the highly anticipated district football game last Friday.

Link to Article: http://www.bearingnews.org/2012/11/05/student-behavior-humiliates-rbhs/

It describes the Rock Bridge students harassing junior cheerleader and P&G staff member Sammy Hall,  dismantling our away-team bleachers, and even urinating on the bleachers after Roderick Beasley’s touchdown in the last minute of regulation.

Instead of feeling ashamed of their actions, many Rock Bridge students took the article as a direct insult and voiced their opinions online. One junior tweeted “It’s even more frustrating that it happened because an ignorant reporter grouped all RBHS students together.” OK maybe not everybody took part in the vandalism, but in a crowded fan section at a football game somebody urinating doesn’t go unnoticed. You can’t take the highroad away from the students responsible when you allowed a student to lower his pants and urinate right in front of you. How did somebody not say,  ‘Hey man, I hate Hickman too, but put that thing away…’

In addition to unfair frustration directed towards Gov-Ari, Rock Bridge senior wide-receiver Cullen Parris, who didn’t get a chance from the bench on Friday night took his own cheap-shots at Hall. In a span of three tweets posted by Parris in less than two minutes sarcastically defended the BruCrew’s comments. One tweet said, “Rock Bridge is the only high school in the world with students that would make fun of a girl for being a HUGE whore.” Another said, “Making fun of whores is such an uncommon thing in high school.” And then to round-off Parris hyperactive twitter moment he posted, “Girls should be able to be whores without getting made fun of because teasing trashy people is wrong.” Parris quickly deleted the tweets after Hall took notice, but not before she managed to capture screenshots of them all.

One would think less than a week after Hickman students were publicly reprimanded and criticized for their postings on twitter accounts such as @HickmanRatchets a little bit of posting restraint would be shown.

It’s about time that Rock Bridge show some maturity for the first time this year. It saddens me that this is how the students contributed to an otherwise great atmosphere surrounding Lemone Field on Friday.

On the other hand, I’m proud of the Hickman class of ’13 and the school spirit we’ve shown this year. I guarantee the atmosphere at every one of these monumental wins would be different if our freshman, sophomore, and junior years had experienced great success on the field. My cliche point is: learn from your losses. It gives you something to cheer for. While Hickman was getting hungry these past three years, Rock Bridge got used to winning, and now their students don’t have the maturity to deal with loses.

Kudos to the Rock Bridge football team on a great season, however. I’m sorry that your fan section put your great performance on Friday in such a negative light.

Lastly, quit taking your anger out on an innocent journalist simply reporting your embarrassing actions, BruCrew. If anything have some spirit in the fact that your school has a wonderful newspaper that puts well-written stories like that out. If you really need somebody to put in the cross-hairs, consider this me putting my name out there.

by Cole Brendel

NBA tips off new season

It’s great to have basketball back. The young season has already had a lot happen. The Boston Celtics renewed their hate of the Miami Heat. The Heat won 120-107; Rajon Rondo was called for a flagrant foul on Dwayne Wade with 18 seconds left when he wrapped up his neck and things nearly got ugly. But Dwayne Wade kept his cool and the situation did not escalate.

James Harden, aka The Running Beard, was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets where he signed a 5-year $80 million deal. He had an impressive debut with his new team, scoring 37 points and adding 12 assists in a 105-96 victory over the Detroit Pistons.

The LA Lakers have started 0-2; they aren’t used to playing together yet and have looked really bad at times. Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard are banged up which means the Lakers will probably struggle for a while.

The San Antonio Spurs and OKC Thunder played a thriller Thursday, though it was way lower scoring than I expected. The Spurs won 86-84 on a Tony Parker buzzer-beater which made me very happy because Spurs are my team and I love Parker. It was nice to see Tim Duncan looking young again as well.

Yeah, it’s great to have basketball back.

by Richard Maltby

Ode to cafeteria hot chocolate

Since I ranted about awful mornings last week, I’ll try to keep the good vibes flowing with something that doesn’t suck about school mornings: hot chocolate.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the hot chocolate from the cafeteria, but it’s “fyre.” Fyre means really good (I REALLY don’t understand slang). Actually, it’s beyond good- it’s on some other level..stuff.

It smells like a combination of sleeping in mixed with no homework with just a dash of vanilla and the essence of a Friday afternoon. Yum.

School food is normally inedible; have you seen the Shepard’s pie? Talk about repulsive. The hot chocolate is creamy, rich, smooth and well-mixed. Not to mention you get these little styrofoam cups with matching lids that make me feel like I’m drinking Starbucks. Starbucks cups make me feel more intelligent and sophisticated. Which they shouldn’t because styrofoam is actually kinda gross when I think about it.

Basically, hot chocolate turns my “awful” mornings into “bad” ones.

by Emily Rackers