Welcome to the Columbia Public Schools’ PBIS lesson repository. Here you will find lessons tied to matrix behaviors, that include the components of TELL-SHOW-PRACTICE-FEEDBACK are developed, available for dissemination to all staff when the schedule or data indicates the lessons need to be taught. Any additional resources (e.g., scripts for pre-correcting, announcement scripts, social stories, signage, etc.) are developed and easily available for use as needed in conjunction with the direct lesson materials, such that ALL staff teach social skills commensurate with their job responsibilities.

Implementation Examples include:

  • Lesson Plans tied to the matrix with TELL-SHOW-PRACTICE-FEEDBACK components included
  • Social stories tied to lessons and Matrix behaviors
  • Schedule for school-wide teaching
  • School-wide teaching indicated on individual teacher schedules
  • Announcement, Pre-correct and Corrective Feedback Scripts

Teaching Social Skills with Integrity Tip Sheet – Provides teachers and school staff members with information regarding what direct teaching of social skills looks like, as well as ideas for how ALL staff members teach social skills from the first to the last day of the school year!

Social Skill Lessons

The lessons linked below were developed through collaborative efforts of teachers and administrators from across the district during summer 2007 work sessions.  The lessons are aligned with the district Personal Growth and Work Habits, and in many cases directly align with matrix rules from individual buildings (although the wording may be slightly different). These lessons are provided to all district personnel in “word” format so that each school can personalize or tweak the rule wording or scenarios provided to best fit the building matrices, as well as individual school characteristics and populations.

District Wide Lesson Plans–Elementary Level


District Wide Lesson Plans–Middle School Level


Social Skill Lesson Plans (organized by topic/skill)


CPS Social Skill Lesson Plan Template

Tools to Support Teaching Social Skills With Integrity

Defining and Understanding of Teaching with Integrity  
Teaching with Integrity Rubric – Developed by the elementary Positive Behavior Support Coaches during the fall of 2006. PDF
Social Skills and Academic Skills Lesson Parallel - Document that illustrates the parallel between direct instruction of social skills and academic skills. PDF
Verifying Teaching With Integrity  
Social Skills Teaching Observation Form – A form for observation developed in collaboration with Derby Ridge Elementary administrative staff to verify that social skills instruction is being provided in the most efficient format (e.g., including tell-show-student practice-feedback). Word Document

Literature and Supporting Articles: