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Kids Count Math Stop the Clock
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Ghostblasters Quick Flash Multiplication
Multiplication Facts Game  Multiplication Quia
 Math Mastery  Multiplication Mountain
 Division Quia  Math Magician
Space Rocks  
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 Rock Hopper  Quia (+ and -)
 Math Dojo  Tic Tac Toe Squares
 Arithmetiles  Math Magician
 Ghostblasters 2 (2-digit + 1-digit)  Ghostblasters 3 (2-digit + 2-digit)
Cool Math 4 Kids Tetris
Math Dictionary for Kids Fact Practice (+, -, x, /)
What’s the Rule?  
moneysign Money
Piggy Bank Change Maker
Quia Money  Making Change
Fractions fraction-girl
Fraction Practice Fishy Fractions
Shade Fraction Frenzy
Fraction Matching Fresh Baked Fractions
clock Time
What Time is It? Stop the Clock – to the 5 minutes
Stop the Clock – to the 1 minute  
Place Value math
Duck Place Value Matching